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Single House
Town House / Apartment 

Renovating a single house seems simpler than town house / apartment because no need any approval from the strata, however if the work is related to any change of structure, wiring, or plumbing, a renovation permit is required per city's bylaws and building codes.

If just painting or replacing a faucet, or change cabinet usually no permit required from the city hall, however we recommend you to employ licensed and qualify worker who has WCB and insurance, so that the work they did is under warranty by offering you hazard free.

Before implementing any renovation, we need to understand your budget, how long you are going to keep this house in renovation, and the purpose of this work. Therefore, we can offer you cost-effective plan.

Town House

Compare to single house, Town home renovation is bit complicated in procedure, do not worry we will handle it for you by contacting the strata and your neighbor(s). All of our contractors are licensed and have at least $100,000 insurance coverage.

Apartment / Condo

Renovation on apartment / condo is very complicated and takes longer procedure to get approval because the application is dealt only on the meetings (once in several months sometime. The strata manager is the only person we can talk to, however we have known the procedure very well and will handle all for you.
Town House Kitchen
Town House Paint
Town House Kitchen Cabinet
Town House paint wall

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