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Architectural Design
Design 1
  • Site Analysis
    • Survey, Geo technical, financial, etc.
    • Hazardous materials investigation with existing building: asbestos, lead testing, etc.
  • Zoning Analysis / Code analysis
    • What you can build, what purpose of use, and the size you can build, etc.
    • Specific Code Issues that may affect the project, please note: Vancouver has it own building code different from BC building code.
  • Project Scope
    • Client must identify to the best of their ability the project scope of work.
  • Project Goals
    • Client must identify the project completion is for sale or own-occupied, if for sale we should design prevalent style, otherwise, more customed is possible.
  • Building Program
    • A Building Program is a list of the proposed uses, even more detailed to each room.
  • Project Budgeting
    • Stake with your budget to get the completed result of what you expect.
  • Project Schedule
    • Well- plan on our schedule could save time and money, particularly avoid the raining season.
  • Selection of Project team
    • Our experienced team is familiar with the procedures and dedicated to work with you
Architectural Design
  • Space
    • The room size, the ceiling height, and the window size represent the space.
  • Colour
    • The most significant attracting our eyes is colour, how to match the colour usally reflect the art, colour also affects our emotions and psychology.
  • Lighting & Shadow
    • The brightness, the size, the style of each light creates the atmosphere, how much nature light we can see enrich our vision and feeling.
  • Material
    • What kinds of material you like to use, such as stone, wood, tile, carpet, or others.
  • Furniture
    • Complicated or simple furniture, leather or fabric, their design and size, colour.
  • Green
    • Many home decorations use green (real or fake plant, picture, or other works) to enrich the interior design.
Interior Design

  • Terrain
    • Slope or flat, width or depht of the lot.
  • Plant
    • Seasonal plant, all seasonal plant, green, yellow, red, pink or other colour, fruit tree, or maple, vegetable, the layout of plant, etc.
  • Pavement
    • The function and composition of pavement materials, brick, concrete or wood.
  • Fence
    • Cedar fence, metal or other material fence, the colour and height.     
  • Water
    • Pond, water-fall, mountain, sprinkler. 
  • Maintenance
    • Despite of how amazing is the landscape design, maintanence is a key issue for long term, this must be taken into consideration when designing the landscape.     

Landscape Design
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