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Rental Management
Maintenance Management 

Our licensed team currently manages 36 properties across Great Vancouver, we are professional and offer the following services

1 - Inspect your property and identify the problems or potential issues

2 - Repair / fix the problem and issue before rent out

3 - Take picture, advertise and show potential tenants

4 - Select the qualified tenants and sign tenancy agreement after screening background

5 - Collect deposit and conduct move in inspection report

6 - Collect monthly rental payment and pay withholding tax if applicable, balance pay to you

7 - Report any repairs and implement repairs within 3 business days

8 - Deal with dispute between the tenants and landlord, take further action if applicable

9 - Deal with the strata about move in and move out, as well as any violation bylaws

10 - Conduct move out inspection and look for the next tenants.

Regular maintenance

If you have not decided to rent out or self-occupied your property, then you properly need someone to check your property regularly in case of any water leaking or fire caused by wiring, in rare case any break-in by force such as animal or human. We will cut your grass prevent receving any complaints or bill from the city hall.

All we do for you just for a small amount of fee starting from $9.99/day including cut your grass, recycling unwant newspaper / advertisement.

Urgent repair

Sometimes unexpected incidents such as break-in, leaking, or fire occurs, this kind of emergence requires immediate repair, we have very good relationship partners who are licensed and qualified plumber, electrician, engineer with WCB and insurance to complete the repair for you within 3 days of occurence.

Do not worry, we do not charge emergence call-out fee, just the regular charge, that could save you $3-500 each time. Please keep us in contact.    


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