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Welcome to Invech Development Inc, established in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Follow the increasing demand on new homes, and the real estate market becomes hot and people start to find a place to live called home, where it is comfort and enjoyable. Invech Development was founded in December 2018 by a team of members with over 20 years of extensive knowledge and industry experience. They are responsible, reliable, and trust worth, excellent reputation in construction, time management, cost effective, and more.

So far, we have completed 12 projects and 5 projects are under construction in Great Vancouver and Vancouver Island.

Our mission is to satisfy customer through our efforts and diligent work closely with sub traders and city hall, to maximize the size of building,lower the cost of material from long term relationship suppliers, coordinate with sub-contractors to speed up the processing time, frequently communicate with the owner/developer for better understanding of any change or updated information. We Always have contingency plan for alternative solution.

Architectural Design

In the market there are various architects available for selection, however, finding the right one is significantly important in regarding to the style, the budget, and communication with you. General speaking the process includes pre-design and 5 design phases.

Interior Design

Interior designers make interior spaces functional, safe, and beautiful by determining space requirements and selecting decorative items, such as colors, lighting, and materials. They read blueprints and must be aware of building codes and inspection regulations.

Landscape Design

Landscape Design is the art of arranging these elements (Plants, Trees, Lights, Rocks, water, Grass, Deck, etc)  to make the space a good looking. 

Many customers are facing a question: Should I build a dream home or purchase a new home instead? How complicated is the procedure, what benefit should I get, any difficulty I have to encounter, etc. For your answer, one word, to hire a qualify, licensed, and experienced builder could get all done for you with worriless. By comparing to build a home, renovation is another alternative. After purchasing a home, the owner has the options either owner occupies or rents it out, rarely just keeping because of the speculation tax. If the home is not livable, renovation is another option with the advantage of saving time and cost, in some zoning code, rebuild a new home may has less size than original, therefore renovation is the only option.
Sales & Marketing

Our expanding team has many experts in sales and marketing, if you are the investor in real estate then we can market your development and sell it at the best offer. We have a team of licensed realtors with over 10 years industry experience.

In our company we have a rental management team who works for you during any period such as the gap between making building permit application to the city hall, we could rent out your home for a period, keeping your property to generate income.
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