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Building a home is a complicated process, over 20 different sub contractors involve and the labour shares approximately 50% of the total cost. In the past decades we have experienced various sub contractors and get to know each other very well. We only employ the suitable sub contractor for you tailored with your budget, provide you with the best productive finish.

Some work includes the labour and material in subtrades, for example plumbing, counter top, Electrical, low voltage, cabinet, mirror, painting, drywall, landscaping, etc. However, some work separates the labour and material such as framing, flooring, tile worker, finishing, etc. In most case, the sub traders do not provide much details on the specification of material or how you like to the work to be done, subject to client's satisfaction we prefer to discuss all details prior to commencing for minimizing any conflicts and speed up our processing time.

All of our partners and subcontractors provide you with extended warranty on the work they did unlike some offer no warranty or only one year, but we offer at least 2 years or longer warranty.


In Canada, almost all single house, town home and low rise apartment are using lumber as the framing structure for the reasons: availability, low cost, easy to cut, insulation. In Great Vancouver there are several lumber firms dominate the market, such Dicks Lumber, as builder we have account in those provider and could offer you a good discount on order.


We have developed long term good relationship with many vendors such as exterior door & window providers, interior door provider, roofing company, toilet, faucet, lighting, brick, concrete    


Ordering earlier and choosing the right vendor for appliance could save you thousands dollars, ordering with our recommendation could also benefit fabulous discount and service.        

Time Management
The building cost is varied from location, size, material, and lot character, generally unit price is quoted by square feet.  Richmond $160-200, Burnaby $180-220, Vancouver $220-300, West Vancouver $250-350, Vancouver Island $150-180, Surrey $160-200. House floor area size 3,000 sft costs about $600,000 is very common. The actual cost really depends on many factors. Over and over again, we understand that time management is significantly important because the owner / developer has input funds into the land and construction, interest generates every day even completing the project one month earlier could save you $3,000-5,000. So your time is our priority and we always follow our schedule to complete the project on time.

Almost every job done by subcontractor has to pass the city's inspection conducted by appointed inspector from each city hall. From retaining wall, drain tile, framing, electrical, plumbing to final. This is to make sure the building is safe and health to be occupied.

All the work we did is under standard warranty (2-5-10), besides we offer extended service on warranty and guarantee 3 days response.
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